Using BeagleBone Black as Salt-Master to Provision VMs

May 08

Instructions Apply To Beagle Bone Black, Rev C /etc/dogtag: BeagleBone Debian Image 2014-04-23   1. Boot up BeagleBone black and SSH over USB. 2. Fix /etc/init.d/ to contain the following so that apt-get installs work. #!/bin/sh -e ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: # Required-Start:    $local_fs #...

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Why I Got An AlienBees B800

Dec 16

MeetUp Session: Setting up a home based studio + understanding studio lighting (Mentor Session) This last Saturday I went deep with Michael regarding lighting and talked about the merits of speedlights vs. studio strobes. I fully appreciate that speedlights can be used to create great lighting...

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Dell Laser Printer c1765nfw is a Waste of Money and Time

Oct 22

Disposable printer, only good for maybe 12-24 months of service, as indicated by the warranty. Only guaranteed for 12 months, after this the printer is out of warranty, and, according to Dell customer service, not worth repairing. You must print thousands of pages within the first year to make the per page cost even close to worth it. For us, each page cost well over...

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Oct 19

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Oct 15

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Oakland Cacti

Oct 14

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Don’t Forget to Configure DigitalOcean /etc/hosts for Fast sendmail

Sep 03 WordPress sites were hanging at around 90 seconds for a form submit with 95%+ CPU idle. Turns out my submits were waiting for sendmail the whole time, doh!

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