Windows 8.1 Guest on VirtualBox 0x000000C4 Error, Guru Meditation

Aug 30

To fix on an x64 machine: 1. cd /d “c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox” 2.┬ávboxmanage setextradata “[vm name]” VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1 3. Close VirtualBox and re-open. Windows 8.1 installation should now...

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Manually Entering in Host-only Networks to Bypass Mirantis OpenStack VirtualBox Script Errors

Aug 28

Create the following manually in VirtualBox > Preferences > Network > Host-only Networks. If the first host-only adapter fails to take the setting after clicking ok and returning to the dialog, try setting the last part of the IP to .2 instead of .1. This seems to be an issue on Windows hosts:...

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Removing Application and Device Control (ADC) from Symantec Endpoint Protection Fixed VirtualBox

Aug 20

I can now finally use VirtualBox 4.3.14. Interesting that disabling the ADC policy was not enough, we had to remove ADC from the workstation itself before VirtualBox would start. InjectedDLL will reveal when sysfer.dll is being injected into Windows...

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Windows 8 Ad Hoc WiFi Network

Jul 30

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=myssid key=12345678 (8-32 chars) netsh wlan start hostednetwork

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University is a Bad Investment, Engagement is What Matters

Oct 10

University is an Unwise Investment: Very thought provoking. Engagement is a core theme in this debate — what engages people cannot be met by a single solution, entity, etc. No matter how we choose to engage with the community & our own education, what’s most important is the act of engagement itself, and maintain that each...

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Re: Why the Ambitious Are the Least Likely to be Successful

Oct 06

Re: Why the Ambitious Are the Least Likely to be Successful I think a critical point is that, you can start with ambition, and end up with a healthy regular schedule of work that satisfies not only external rewards we originally, and continue, to seek, but, to also find joy in work we find internal resistance to, from time to time. I’d argue that we all, at...

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Loud Bicycle is Coming in October 2013!

Sep 18

Finally a company has released a compact bicycle car horn. Sounds identical to a standard compact car at 112 db, with high and low notes, all for under $100. My custom car horn installation, with 2 RadioShack 7.2 V NiMH battery packs, cost about $150, plus my time, to macguyver and install. I like how much smaller the built-in USB LiPO batteries make this powerful...

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