Asurion Enables Fraud With Public Customer Information

So this morning I get a voicemail transcription from Asurion:

“This is Adam calling from on process technology on behalf of the hearing this message is for the owner of the wireless number ###-###-#### in regards to claim number ######### we’re calling in reference to the replacement equipment that was delivered to you on June 22, 2017 a Schurian still shows that there is nonworking the Quitman that needs to be returned I would like to remind you that all nonworking replacement equipment needs to be returned in the postage prepaid padded envelope that was provided immediately to avoid being charged and return fee of $300 for the cost of the replacement equipment please feel free to call us if you have any questions at 1-800-762-0276 and when calling please reference your wireless number ###-###-#### …”

Only problem is that I never submitted a claim, my smartphone has been working great.

So I head over to > File or Track a Claim > Mobile Phone > [Carrier] > Ok, take me there! > Continue Claim > Continue > Continue (with Mobile Number and Claim ID from transcription) > Track shipment of device we sent you > Continue, which then gives:

“Our records indicate your wireless equipment will be delivered to you on 06/23/2017. Your tracking number is xxxxxxxxxxxx. You may track your shipment by clicking on the tracking number.”

So I click the tracking number, and, much to my surprise, Asurion has shipped a new phone to another address outside the state, to a state to which I’ve never lived or worked, or had on file with the carrier. So much for validating whether or not the claim was even remotely related to the address on file.

So I do some Googling and find that I’m not alone, in fact the only real “deterrent in the claim system is that you need to sign an affidavit and provide a photo ID” (, nevermind whether the photo id provided is even valid or not 😞

Another customer finds that the “only information that is verified is the name, billing address and phone number” (). So I guess if enough phone number combinations for a given carrier with publicly available information on Google and numerous other sources, obtaining a bunch of free phones could probably be had pretty easily, possibly making affected customers liable for all fees involved when the original equipment is never returned 😞

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