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Cost of Living: Portland vs Reno

Cost of Living in Portland, Oregon by Expense Category CAREER TOOLS: Salary Calculator, Career Path Tool, Cost of Living Calculator

Asurion Enables Fraud With Public Customer Information

So this morning I get a voicemail transcription from Asurion: “This is Adam calling from on process technology on behalf of the hearing this message is for the owner of the wireless number ###-###-#### in regards to claim number ######### we’re calling

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High Level Itinerary: Ape Cave Geologic Site, Lava Tube (Beaverton, OR -> Cougar, WA)

Day Trip 10 AM – ~12 PM Beaverton ➡ Ape Cave, Cougar, WA (Google Maps 1h 45m, Allow two hours for stopping in Cougar, WA for anyone that might be hungry. 2 PM – 3 PM: Hike the lower

Git Summary of Each Commit Selected in IntelliJ

Using IntelliJ Version Control > Log > Copy Revision Number with the following command is incredibly helpful in sharing commit summaries: git show -s –format=%s sha1 sha2 sha3 …

Mac OS Import Keystore for Target Endpoint Under Test

So I like the following in obtaining browser client certs so that my test clients (i.e. io.restassured) can trust them: openssl s_client -connect -showcerts Then I can import the server cert for my integration tests into a new keystore:

WordPress Plugins Behaving Badly, And What To Do To Fix It!

So I recently migrated one of my friends’ websites off of DigitalOcean onto Amazon’s ElasticBeanstalk, mainly because I was tired of maintaining aging, and unstable, MySQL instances over 2 years old that I was kicking over every day with a

Using BeagleBone Black as Salt-Master to Provision VMs

Instructions Apply To Beagle Bone Black, Rev C /etc/dogtag: BeagleBone Debian Image 2014-04-23   1. Boot up BeagleBone black and SSH over USB. 2. Fix /etc/init.d/ to contain the following so that apt-get installs work. #!/bin/sh -e ### BEGIN INIT

Why I Got An AlienBees B800

MeetUp Session: Setting up a home based studio + understanding studio lighting (Mentor Session) This last Saturday I went deep with Michael regarding lighting and talked about the merits of speedlights vs. studio strobes. I fully appreciate that speedlights

Dell Laser Printer c1765nfw is a Waste of Money and Time

Disposable printer, only good for maybe 12-24 months of service, as indicated by the warranty. Only guaranteed for 12 months, after this the printer is out of warranty, and, according to Dell customer service, not worth repairing. You must print