Best Silent Desktop Case Fan I’ve Ever Had

My HP Pavilion Elite e9220y case fan was dying, evidenced by the loud whine that my computer gave off intermittently. After a lot of digging I finally came upon the Nexus silent case fan; this is by far, the best fan I have ever put into a computer case myself. I have an extra fan I keep in my cabinet above my mini-tower so that I can immediately replace any other fans that may die in the next coming year. When my computer is at 70 – 90% CPU utilization all I hear is a light hum, when the machine is less busy, I can barely hear the fan spinning.

Modest Budget Doesn’t Always Mean Modest Results

A production budget of only $15,000 netted a gross revenue of $107,918,810 for Paranormal Activity (2009). Oren Peli spent over half that budget on equipment and editing software. Oren Peli’s net worth is around 22.7 million which I am guessing is what led him to easily be able to quit his day job as a software programmer and go into film directing full time. I am inspired by what he has accomplished with simple tools and modest budgets.