My New 48V/1000 Watt E-Bike

Check out my new sweet ride upgrade that is coming before next week — an e-bike upgrade kit for my bike!!! Now my bike will go 30 miles per hour on a flat grade, sustained up to 28 miles of travel, or, up to 44 miles on a single charge with pedal assist (I bike while motor is engaged). Now I can make frivolous / fun trips in addition to my daily 24 mile commute, all on my new e-bike!! Now my total cost of ownership drops from below $500 for my old corolla, to well under $50 / month for the e-bike!! Oh yeah!! The best part? An e-bike does not require insurance or a class M license — a class C is all you need in Nevada for e-bikes under 1,500 watts — mine is only 1,000 watts!! Oh yeah!! Savin money and traveling in style 🙂

Papamotor 48V/1000 watt e-bike demonstration