Going Paperless

Here is the 2012 General Election Sample Ballot (full booklet) for anyone who cares to read on their e-book reader of choice (PDF). I “scanned” this all on my iPhone with just a few snaps of the camera using My Scans PRO — I am really surprised how quick and easy it was, it really looks like I scanned it. This is pretty exciting as a note taking and annotation tool. DropBox allowed me to post online, all from my mobile 🙂 A paperless life is now within easy reach, I am totally in love with this “flow”.

View 2012 General Election Sample Ballot (full booklet)

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3 comments on “Going Paperless
  1. imkilo says:

    _billyjf looks great, i downloaded it so I can convert any printouts back to their digital form

    • Billy says:

      That is awesome. I have a routine I use when I check my mail as a result: instantly shred & trash all junk mail + ad verts, scan anything that I need for reference, then shred it, and then take action if necessary, like paying a bill or mailing something back. Thanks to this all my Mail in my home office is all paperless and no more paper, anywhere, that used to litter. With this system in place I can have all Mail handled in 1-10 minutes for an entire week’s worth of mail with no trace left after.

  2. billyjfisher says:

    You are exactly right — I stop watching TV or activities around 9 pm as the goal 80% of the time for 24 days out of every month. I use a range system to where no less than 8 hours are allowed 80% of the time for sleep, so I count backwards: 8 hours from 6:30 is 10:30 — this has now become the latest I stay up until. For really tiring days, or when I am sick, I go to bed at 9 and then it is like I just slept in all day, but my body gets up at 6:30 still! It is awesome! It makes the weekends feel especially longer as well since 10 am is usually the latest I can sleep in till. I should also add that leaving the bedroom shades down the night before helps A TON in allowing myself to get up before the alarm. My alarm is really the last warning before not having enough time to make it to work on time, but I rarely hear it anymore, thanks to my new rhythm, using the morning sunlight to wake up to, instead of the annoying alarm.
    It took my body a month initially, but didn’t become a habit, until 2 months in. The last 2 weeks have been amazing! My body now wakes up at 6:30 every morning before my alarm! I now rise with the sun, even on weekends!

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