Seagate Drives Not What They Used To Be

Well, one of the hard drives in my desktop computer just died finally. Taking it out sped up and stabilized my desktop system. Thankfully with Acronis True Image home, all of my data and files were backed up on schedule last week so I lost nothing; didn’t even miss a beat 🙂 Now my computer just runs faster, now that only stable drives are inside of it. All of the intermittent lock ups are also resolved.

Just goes to show, a good backup scheme keeps things convenient, and you never have to worry about losing anything, let alone be inconvenienced.

For you Mac users out there, that means make sure to enable and use Time Machine. No excuses, it comes free with your mac, and allows you to undo any major mistake on your mac with a couple clicks 🙂

This is the third or fourth Seagate drive I have had die on me in the last 3 years — Seagate totally sucks now. Kind of sad, in the old days, Seagates outlasted every computer I had ever owned as a kid. Looks like now we should look to Western Digital for reliable mass storage. I have purchased 2 new western digitals, and 2 new intel solid state drives in the last two years, and they have run silently, quickly, and are very stable. Looks like I’ll be sticking with them for the foreseeable future 🙂


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