Troubleshooting a New Dell Laser (LED) Printer Wireless Connection

I noticed that, even if a wireless printer shows as connected with it’s wifi light on steady, sometimes you just have to press the WPS button on both the printer and router to re-add it, if you cannot print. Then just re-add the printer over wifi.

An easy way to check whether your printer really is on your wifi network, just connect to the router (usually at, or, address written on the bottom of router), and look at the list of devices connected to it. Mine just showed that the DELLC printer wasn’t connected through the router web interface, even when the laser printer thought it was, kind of odd. Probably just wireless interference.

Automatic discovery failed today, so I had to use the IP address reported by the D-Link wireless router, and manually enter the IP address into the find network printer wizard in Windows.

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